National Diet and Nutrition Survey Food Diary (children)

Instrument Details

National Diet and Nutrition Survey Food Diary (children)

NDNS Food Diary (children)

Dietary assessment

13th April 2024

Richard Powell, MRC Epidemiology Unit

This instrument has been extracted from the previous DAPA site which is available from

Instrument Characteristics
acquisition  -> Self report
acquisition  -> Proxy report
acquisition  -> Interview
acquisition  -> Device
retrospective prospective  -> Retrospective
timeframe  -> Weeks
location  -> Ankle
location  -> Thigh
location  -> Hip
location  -> Wrist
location  -> Upper arm
location  -> Chest
location  -> Head
location  -> Other
location  -> Not applicable
timeseries  -> Yes
raw aggregated  -> Raw
opensource proprietary  -> Proprietary
raw  -> 100 ms
resolution  -> Minute
Instrument Estimates
Total physical activity energy expenditure
Behaviour pattern: Timing
Behaviour pattern: Bouts
Contextual information: Location
Contextual information: Social
Instrument Resources
Resource 1
Resource 2
Instrument Validities
Populations Countries Reference Link
Adolescents United States of America
South Asian Afghanistan
Adolescents Burundi
Instrument Implementations
Populations Countries Link
Infants Afghanistan
Young children Afghanistan
Indigenous Pacific Czech Republic