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DAPA Measurement Toolkit

The Measurement Toolkit team is excited to announce the launch of the new version of the Measurement Toolkit available via following this link Click here

New features:

A search facility

Users are now able to search specific contents using this feature, in addition to browsing through the different domains of measurement on diet, anthropometry and physical activity.

Enter measurement instruments to the instrument library

  • Site users are now able to enter their own instruments / methods to the Toolkit’s instrument library. Do check this out!
  • If you or your institution have a measurement instrument that you would like to include, we invite you to enter it into the instrument library using the webform.
  • Your name and institution will appear on the forms entered, to acknowledge your contribution.

Updated content of measurement domains

The content of the measurement domains has been updated.


We would appreciate any comments and feedback on your experience of the updated Measurement Toolkit website. Please send us feedback here:

Welcome to the Diet, Anthropometry and Physical Activity (DAPA) Measurement Toolkit.

The DAPA Measurement Toolkit is a free web-based resource to assist researchers, public health professionals, and others to identify and use methods for the assessment of diet, anthropometry, and physical activity.

The toolkit does not recommend or promote any specific method or instrument; it provides information for end-users to be better equipped at using and interpreting existing data or reaching an appropriate decision on choosing methods that are fit-for purpose when planning new studies.

Dietary Assessment

Physical Activity Assessment