Cambridge Baby Growth Study Food Diary

Instrument Details

Cambridge Baby Growth Study Food Diary

CBGS Food Diary

Dietary assessment

13th April 2024

Richard Powell, MRC Epidemiology Unit

This instrument has been extracted from the previous DAPA site which is available from

Instrument Characteristics
classification  -> Self-reported
classification  -> Conventional anthropometry
classification  -> Body composition
aquisition  -> Remote (e.g. app, online questionnaire
aquisition  -> Lab based (e.g. MRI)
aquisition  -> Interview based
aquisition  -> Self-administered
staff  -> Acquisition
staff  -> Processing
staff  -> Interpretation
Instrument Estimates
Height / length
Body shape or size
Bone mineral density
Intracellular body water
Instrument Resources
Resource 1
Resource 2
Instrument Validities
Populations Countries Reference Link
Infants Afghanistan
Toddlers United States of America, Afghanistan, Albania
Adults Armenia, Australia
Instrument Implementations
Populations Countries Link
Young children, Adolescents, Adults, Older adults, African / African-American / Black Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda
Infants Afghanistan
Indigenous American Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina