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DAPA Measurement Toolkit

WWEIA data are collected using USDA’s dietary data collection instrument, the Automated Multiple-Pass Method (AMPM). The AMPM is a fully computerized method for collecting 24-hour dietary recalls either in person or by telephone. In this multiple-pass method, information is collected by 5 standardized steps. The AMPM is a research-based approach designed to enhance efficient collection of complete and accurate food intake data in large-scale national surveys and reduce respondent burden. The AMPM is updated yearly to reflect the changing food supply

The AMPM collects a list of all foods and beverages consumed in a 24-hour period. Information captured by AMPM includes:

  • For each food... 
        - Description of food 
        - Additions to the food (for example, milk on cereal or cream in coffee)
        - Combination code that identifies foods eaten together 
          (such as milk added to cereal)
        - Amount of food consumed
        - Time eaten 
        - Name of eating occasion 
        - Where obtained 
        - Eaten at home or not 
  • Water consumption - bottled and tap water
  • Use of salt in preparing foods and at the table 
  • Whether the amount of food consumed on the recall day was much more than usual, usual, or much less than usual 
  • Currently on a diet to lose weight or some other health-related reason
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