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The  "EPIC Physical Activity Questionnaire (short version)", "EPAQ-s" or "EPIC-PAQ", is a shortened version of a questionnaire developed between 1991-1992 during a Dutch pilot investigation for use in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study. The original longer version of the questionnaire is referred to as the "pre-EPIC questionnaire" or "Pre-EPAQ" (see here). A third questionnaire, under the name "EPIC Physical Activity Questionnaire (second version)" or "EPAQ2" was also later developed for use in the Norfolk cohort of the EPIC study (see here).

The EPAQ-s is composed of four sections with 14 items, and refers to activity during the past twelve months.

The first question is a four-point, mutually exclusive, ordered category concerning physical activity at work. The second question asks about the amount of time spent in hours per week for summer and winter separately in each of the following activities: walking, cycling, gardening, do-it-yourself, physical exercise and housework. The third question asks whether any of the activities in question 2 were engaged in such that it caused sweating or faster heartbeat and, if so, for how many hours during a typical week. The fourth question asks about stair climbing.

The raw data collected by the EPAQ-s have been used to derive the following variables, with varying degrees of reliabilty and validity:


Component Detail
Time frame Past year
Items 14
Sections 1) Work; 2) Activity by type; 3) Sweating/faster heart rate activities; 4) Stair climbing
Question type Closed
Output variable Units
Total daily energy expenditure kJ/day
Energy expenditure by activity type kJ/day
Simple four level index Categories: inactive, moderately inactive, moderately active, active
Total physical activity index Categories: inactive, moderately inactive, moderately active, active
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