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DAPA Measurement Toolkit

HAPAQ (Historical Adulthood Physical Activity Questionnaire)

The Historical Adulthood Physical Activity Questionnaire (HAPAQ) was designed to collect data regarding total regular PA undertaken from the age of 20 years to their current age, divided into discrete time periods.

 It is divided into 2 sections asking questions regarding PA:

Section A asks about the most recent 15 years in three 5-year sections

Section B asks about from the age of 20 years until the most recent 15 years in 10-year sections

For each section, an identical set of closed questions were asked about PA in the domains of home, work, transport, sport (defined as strenuous sporting activities which make you breathless or cause noticeable sweating) and exercise (defined as less strenuous leisure activities).

The nature, duration and frequency of regular activities recalled by the participant for each time period are recorded.

The instrument is typically interview-administered.

Component Detail
Domains Home, work, transport, sport, exercise
Question type Closed
Time frame Lifetime
Sections 1) most recent 15 years (three x 5-year sections), 2) from age 20 yrs until most recent 15yrs (10-year sections)
Items Dependent on age
Output variable Units
Resource Link
PDF of Questionnaire External Site