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DAPA Measurement Toolkit

Intake24 is an open-source self-completed computerised dietary recall system based on multiple-pass 24-hour recall. The online system offers similar data quality to interviewer-led recalls at a significantly lower cost.

Online 24-hour dietary recall. Under 20 minutes average completion time. High tolerance to spelling mistakes. Accurate image-based portion size estimation. Automated coding to nutrient data. Instant availability of nutrient reports.

See here for detaild of the iterative development of INTAKE24.

Component Detail
Completion time ~ 20 minutes
Food database >2500 items
Portion size images >2500 photos validated using feeding study/4-day weighed diaries
Output variable Units
Energy intake kJ/day
Carbohydrate g/day
Non-starch polysaccharides g/day
Fat g/day
Fat % of daily intake
Saturated fat g/day
Protein g/day
Non-milk extrinsic sugars g/day
Non-milk extrinsic sugars % of daily intake
Alcohol g/day
Vitamin C mg/day
Iron mg/day
Calcium mg/day
Resource Link
Main website External site
Demonstration version External site
Food databases External site
Image databases External site
Web application source code External site
Lifestage Reliability and validity literature
Adolescents/Adults External site
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