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DAPA Measurement Toolkit

myfood24 is a fully automated online 24-h dietary assessment system with the flexibility to be self- or interviewer-administered as required and to be used as either a 24-h dietary recall or a prospective food diary. It has been developed for use among British adolescents and adults.

The myfood24 food composition dataset has been created by mapping ~ 50,000 commercial ‘back of pack’ food label nutrient data from branded items to generic data from the McCance and Widdowson's ‘The Composition of Foods’ tables, providing over 100 macronutrient and micronutrient attributes. 

This integrated dataset is accessed via an easy to use online application. Participants are able to record their dietary intake by selecting foods and portion sizes and adding them to their food diary. 

Component Detail
Food composition database 50 000 items
Administration self or interviewer completion
Output variable Units
Energy intake kcal/kJ
Protein g
Carbohydrate g
Fat g
Saturated fatty acids g
Fibre g
Sodium g
Total vegetables g
Total fruits g
Sugars g
Resource Link
Demonstration site External site
myfood24 website External site
Lifestage Reliability and validity literature
Adolescents External site
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