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DAPA Measurement Toolkit

The activPAL3c is a small (35 x 53 x 7mm), light weight electronic device, worn on the anterior mid-line of the right thigh, one third of the way between hip and knee. The activPAL3c uses a tri-axial accelerometer to sense limb position and acceleration, collecting information at a 20 or 100Hz sampling frequency on uni-axial or tri-axial modes. The activPAL™ software is used to classify an individual’s free-living activity into periods spent sitting, standing and walking.

Component Detail
Timeframe: 14 days at 20Hz
Weight: 15g
Acc Range: ± 2/4/8
Output variable Units
Acceleration: m/s2
ActivPAL software output: Time spent in three categories (sitting/lying, standing & moving)
ActivPAL software output: Number of transitions from sitting/lying to standing, standing to stepping (and vice versa)
Resource Link
Software & firmware: External Link
Processing software (activPAL PROCESSING): External Link
Processing software (PAMPRO): External Link
Processing software (GGIR): External Link
CPAHR activPAL processing software: External Link