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Full name: EPIC-Norfolk Food Frequency Questionnaire

Short name: EPIC-FFQ

The EPIC-Norfolk Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) is designed to measure a participant's usual food intake during the previous year. It is also possible to obtain food group data from the FFQ.

The EPIC-Norfolk FFQ was originally developed in 1988 and its food list and portion sizes represent those of an adult population likely to have established eating habits and follow a traditional UK diet. This questionnaire was validated for the EPIC-Norfolk population and its use may not therefore be appropriate for a different population group or a different research question. Even if used as the basis for developing another the FFQ, any changes to it would need further validation for the particular study population.

The questionnaire is a 10-page A4 document, consisting of two parts:

Part 1, the main part, contains a list of 130 foods. For each item on the list, participants are asked to indicate their usual rate of consumption choosing from nine frequency categories. The categories range from "never or less than once/month" to "6 times per day". The servings are specified in terms of units or common portions (e.g. one apple, one slice of bread) or household measures (e.g. glass, cup, spoon). An average portion size is assigned to each questionnaire item.

Part 2 includes a set of additional questions on type and brand of breakfast cereal; type of fat used in frying, roasting, grilling or baking; and the amount of visible fat on meat. These questions are linked to relevant items on the list and used to help categorise breakfast cereals and total fat and fatty acid consumption respectively. A further question on milk is also found in part 2, requesting information on the type and quantity of milk consumed.

Data are entered into the FFQ processing tool, FETA (Φετα) FFQ EPIC Tool for Analysis, which is based on the earlier CAFÉ system.

The FETA tool is free to use and will produce different levels of nutrient data, as well as basic food groups. This program is based on version 6 (CAMB/PQ/6/1205) of the EPIC-Norfolk FFQ.


Component Detail
Number of items in food list 130
Additional questions Milk type, milk quantity, cereal type(s), fat (frying, roasting, grilling), fat (baking), visible fat
Time frame Past year
Portion size type Semi-quantitative
Main grid frequency categories Never or <1/month, 1-3/month, 1/week, 2-4/week, 5-6/week, 1/day, 2-3/day, 4-5/day, 6+/day
Output variable Units
Alpha carotene mcg
Alcohol g
Beta carotene mcg
Calcium mg
Carotene - total (carotene equivalents) mcg
Carbohydrate - total g
Cholesterol mg
Chloride mg
Copper mg
Englyst Fibre - Non Starch Polysaccharides (NSP) g
Iron mg
Total folate mcg
Carbohydrate - fructose g
Carbohydrate - galactose g
Carbohydrate - glucose g
Iodine mcg
Potassium mg
Energy_kcal kcal
Energy_kj kJ
Carbohydrate - lactose g
Carbohydrate - maltose g
Magnesium mg
Manganese mg
Sodium mg
Niacin mg
Phosphorus mg
Protein g
Vitamin A - retinol mcg
Vitamin A - retinol equivalents mcg
Vitamin B2 - riboflavin mg
Selenium mcg
Carbohydrate - starch g
Carbohydrate - sucrose g
Vitamin B1 - thiamin mg
Nitrogen g
Carbohydrate - sugars (total) g
Vitamin B12 - cobalamin mcg
Vitamin B6 - pyridoxine mg
Vitamin C - ascorbic acid mg
Vitamin D - ergocalciferol mcg
Vitamin E - alpha tocopherol equivalents mg
Zinc mg
Fat - total g
Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA - total) g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA - total) g
Saturated fatty acids (SFA - total) g
Alcoholic beverages g
Cereals and cereal products g
Eggs and egg dishes g
Fats and oils g
Fish & fish products g
Fruit g
Meat and meat products g
Milk and milk products g
Non-alcoholic beverages g
Nuts and seeds g
Potatoes g
Soups & sauces g
Sugars; preserves and snacks g
Vegetables g
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